Bon Marche Epicurean

19 Jul
While Isabella and Kristen were at Parc Asterix, Michelle helped me find the Bon Marche Epicurean store. Oh, my, I nearly passed out. How to describe that first impression?  So many beautiful products everywhere. Not to mention on such a hot day, the freezing air conditioning was a welcome relief. I couldn’t get over how calm the store was, as well, in comparison to the large gourmet stores back home.
There was an international section where they showcased foods from all over the world. The meat section was very impressive with a whole section dedicated to duck products. Not to mention the huge selection of both fresh and packaged pate.
But, I’d have to say the assortment of treats was my favorite. The color of the fondant, the smell of the chocolate and the overall displays were amazing. There was a whole house a al gingerbread houses, covered in gummy bears. Another one covered in marshmallows and a third one in a variety of treats.
It is just next door to the Bon Marche department store and well worth a trip!
**the picture is from versailles, i couldn’t find any food-related shots that were worth it here!!

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