19 Jul

Who’s to say you can’t go from hot dogs and onion rings right to fancy tea?

Worked out well for us, since we hadn’t had dessert yet, and are always up for tea at Mariage Freres. Before we went in to the tearoom, we went across the street to the tea annex that sells pre-packaged loose teas. I wanted to smell them to see if something less heavy than Lapsang Soucahng might appeal to me.

With our choices made, we headed into the tea room about twenty minutes later.

As lovely as the last time, and a bit more crowded,  we were seated right next to the cake display, in front of the tea bar. I settled on the Carre D’Or- 24 Carat and an iced Himalayn Rose tea, Isabella chose the creme brulee scented with their Marco Polo tea and an iced Earl Grey.

We both thought I’d be getting a few pieces including a chocolate mousse and some kind of caramel. Turns out, they made a little stack of everything included in the description and it was all wrapped up in an edible 24 karat foil. Very nice indeed, but oh so rich.

The creme brulee we had had last time was more of a coffee scented affair. Marco Polo tea added a fruity flavor that was ok, but not as perfect as the last time.

Regardless, we had a lovely time people watching, evaluating the white linen suits of the servers vs the beige linen suits of the men who worked in the tea shop measuring out tea for customers. The beige ones, overall, looked better on the men, which does not surprise me.

Over tea, we discussed Isabella’s next big adventure: a trip with Kristin to ParcAsterix the next morning!


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